05 March 2014

Writing Update

     This week in writing class we worked on "planting." A "plant" is the writer-language word for when a story has foreshadowing. You plant the idea, it keeps growing in obscurity, and then suddenly at the climax it's a flower! Seemingly small things (the seeds) become very important later (the flowers).
     Also, my story is coming along very well. I finally broke 20,000 words! It's hard to find time to write when you have all this "important" school to do, like math, science, history, Latin...the list goes on. But lately I've been writing more, and I'm really happy with how my plot is going! My little sister gives me some really good ideas for plot twists and complex scenes. Thanks, Tessie!
This is my Writing Plant, which happens to be making me look out at the fresh snow despairingly...
     I think I just made the final draft of my plot sketch, but we'll see. Things tend to change a lot. When I'm done I'll have some major revising to do! But that's okay, I'll just ask my friends to read it and see if they find any inconsistencies I'd missed. It's weird how when you're working on something for long enough you become blind to what it's like on the whole and only see the particular detail you're currently working on. Like when you keep practicing one part of a song and then forget to play the rest and it fades out of the "polished" zone right under your nose. You only realize it once you try to play the whole thing.
Here's a Lent illumination!
     Oh, and, it's Ash Wednesday! I'm looking forward to meatless Fridays (though we kind of do that all year in my family). I'm doing no sugar this Lent, so I made some eggs for my dad and me this morning and put pepperjack cheese on top. It was yummy! Anyway, happy Lent! (Joyeux Careme, as the French would say. I think...)

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