17 March 2014

Another Writing Update...And Some Words About Music

     Yesterday I was doing some research for my book, how exciting! I was writing a scene in which my hero had a fencing lesson (which he hates, by the way), and, knowing nothing about fencing, I had to look up a few things. I also made a new character. He's delightful! And! My characters are having a dance for Mardi Gras! (Which is currently in nine days for them.) They are very excited. But I can't decide what color gown to put my heroine in for it. She'll have to decide soon.
     Meanwhile, my heroine is making secret plans of her own with the head jailer, and learning more and more about who really runs the country. The weather has been iffy for the characters... you know early spring. It was just getting green when they had more snow! Very sad.

     Here is a song I recently discovered. The words are by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, the music by Ralph Vaughan Williams. Gorgeous! I'm thinking about learning it, since it's in my voice book. And here's another song I love. It's quite old. Music by John Dowland, words by Anonymous. (Anonymous is a very good poet, I've found.) It's rather hard to sing, and very hard to play, because the time signature changes about every three measures. But I like to practice the accompaniment separately and then sing it, which helps.

     ...And now, back to writing for me!

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