14 March 2014

The Rosary

     Today I finished a book for which the fittest word would be lovely. It is called The Rosary by Florence Louisa Barclay. It is set in England in the early 1900s/late 1800s, and the central characters are part of a fairly high class of society, or "set," as they call it.
     The main character is The Honourable Jane Champion, niece of the Duchess of Meldrum. At the beginning of the book she is 30 years old. Jane is known for being very kind, frank and amiable. She has piles of friends, and is well loved in her circle.
     The book is called The Rosary for a reason you would not expect. ...And that's all I shall say, because I think you should read it and find out yourself.
     I actually read this book because my mom had gotten it for me on Kindle, at the recommendation of my aunt. I was delighted with it! I read it in three days. It's an easy and quick read, but by no means light in content. It is full of emotional growth, healing, pain, and ecstasy. There is wonderful character development and plenty of unexpected plot twists! I shall have to tell my friends about it. Thanks, Nina!


  1. just read this to Nina, she is delighted. She said look for more from Barclay such as Love by Telephone. I just bought the collected works of this author for you on kindle, check it out, i don't think its this same title in English.

  2. Thanks! What do you mean, same title in English? :)


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