01 March 2014

Just Some (Random) Things...

Well, it's been a few days! 
Hm.... it's March 1!
That's exciting!
Because you know what happens in March!
First of all, March is the month in which it starts to get minutely warmer.
Second of all, March is when Lent starts, which means Easter is soon.
And third of all, March is the month of my birthday.
And also, after March it's April. 
And after April it's May. 
And after May it's June.
You get the point. 

In other news, I went to see The Tenors live at the PAC here last night. 
That was cool!
My mom is leaving for Brazil tomorrow. 
She's staying there two weeks! 
(She gets the warm weather.)
And I have an essay to write on The Confessions of Saint Augustine. 
Topics, anyone? 
And also,
I have a French midterm exam very soon. 
Maybe I should study.
And also,
I have a piano competition coming up. 
Motivation to practice is greatly lacking.
And also,
I have no idea why I decided to format this post strangely. 
I just thought I'd change things up, I guess. 

It's good to be happy.
Have fun today.
What could possibly happen, when we have God on our side?
Have a nice day!

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