11 March 2014

Science Class

     Well, here we are, at March 11. It actually rained this morning. After 4+ months of snow and almost unprecedented cold, it's hard to even believe that it was warm enough for rain to fall.
    Anyway, that wasn't what I planned on posting about.
     I want to talk about my science class.
     I talk about my writing class and my French class, and I think I've mentioned my literature class, but never science. I take Physical Science online from Kolbe Academy, and it has been wonderful. (I'm taking physical science, which is usually an eighth-grade class, because last year I took high-school Biology at a homeschool co-op.) Class is twice a week and there are something like 10 students, which means the talkative ones know each other pretty well. I feel like my online-class-comrades have really become my friends.
     Our teacher is great, and she takes care to explain things thoroughly and makes sure we learn the material. We have also made friends with the two "tech people," as I call them--the people who help the students when they have technical difficulties so the teacher can keep teaching.
     We go into the online "classroom" early so we can chat before class. We talk about zillions of things--books, careers, foreign languages, near-death experiences, fictional people we wished were real.......etc. etc. On special occasions we use webcams so we can see each other, and we sometimes have open mic so we can talk instead of typing. I actually think I talk to my science-class-friends more often than my real-life-friends... due to the recent increase of distance, of course.
     Yep, that's the scoop. More than you ever wanted to know about my science class. Let's hope and pray the warm-ish weather continues and increases! (At least, warm weather on my birthday would be fabulous.)

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