24 June 2014

Tessie's Surgery

Yesterday Tessie went to the orthopedic institute and found out she needed surgery. So this morning we came to Sioux Falls, and here she is after a half-hour operation. She has a new cast that is much more comfortable, and we will be out soon! 

Shakespeare Camp Performance

As promised, I have photos from Saturday! The whole week was a blast, despite being rainy and buggy. I'm already looking forward to next year!
The fairies singing Titania to sleep

Puck, aka Robin Goodfellow

Quince, Bottom, and Snug in the background

Lysander, Hermia, and Helena

Lysander, Demetrius, Egeus, Hermia, Theseus

Backstage! Hermia, Fairy, Quince, Theseus, Philostrate, Flute, Helena, Titania, Hermia, Fairy

Backstage during the performance

Me (Theseus) and my Master of Revels, Philostrate!

23 June 2014

An accident!

On Friday Tessie fractured her wrist at Shakespeare camp! (Photos of the performance will be posted soon, by the way.) Mom took her to the ER in Dells. Thankfully, it was a short visit! They have her pain meds and a cast. Today she is going into the Orthopedic Institute because the doctor was worried about the placement of her fracture. She's in comparatively little pain now, but it's hard for her to do things with one hand! At least it wasn't her dominant hand.

19 June 2014

More Shakespeare Camp Photos

The play is coming along! Performance in 3 days.
(Names in captions from left to right.)
Some assorted fairies, lovers, and mechanicals.

Titania #1, Hippolyta, and.... our stagehand.

Lysander #2 and Egeus, with Puck in the background.

Titania #2

Hermia #2

Hermia #2, Philostrate, Fairy/Understudy, Hermia #1, Titania #2, and Helena #1, with Puck, Bottom and stagehand in the background.

...And that would be Snout, our "sweet and lovely wall," and our director.

18 June 2014

Shakespeare Camp

We have started (a rather rainy) Shakespeare Camp! It's a always tons of fun, and this year we have a huge cast! We are doing A Midsummer Night's Dream. I play half of Theseus, duke of Athens. We did this play the very first year of camp, back when they had a shortage of people! Now we split most of the parts so everyone gets lines. It's pretty chaotic, but fun! We perform on an open-air stage that looks like ruins in a park in Dell Rapids.

Our annual shirts! Tessie did the art.

Mrs Kane telling a delighted group of campers that we're going script-less. ;)

11 June 2014


I haven't posted in a while, so I thought I'd make a list of the things I like most about summer.

1. Warm weather
2. Sunshine
3. Being able to read whatever I want
4. Not being swamped with homework
5. Waking up in the morning and being free from the impending doom that is math
6. Going to the pool
7. Having all the windows open
8. Long walks
9. Garage sales
10. Lemonade
11. And, of course, having more time to spend with the people I love!

07 June 2014

...And then we perform!

Last night was our performance! It was fabulous, amazing and excellent according to our audience. We even got a standing ovation!
Doing this musical was one of the most enjoyable experiences I've ever had. It was such a blast to work with friends and have wonderful people directing us. Really, I couldn't ask for a better start to the summer.
And we did this quickly! Our estimated total number of rehearsal hours for Joseph was 30. Thirty hours! That's not long. We owe it mostly to our incredibly-organized-and-dedicated helpers.
Here are some pictures one of the moms took from dress rehearsal.

04 June 2014

Two photos from Drama Camp

I promise to post with more pictures soon! This week has been insanely busy. Parents are allowed to take photos at the dress rehearsal, so once we have those I will post about the show. But for now...
One of the moms snapped this right after rehearsal one day. 

...And this picture pretty accurately describes drama camp. 
Can't wait for the performance!