23 August 2015

More photos from the Nun Run

Remember when I went on the Nun Run? Well, today we finally got my computer up and running so Tessie and I could upload the (way too many) photos from our phone. We hadn't done so since before moving, so my photos from that trip were still on it.
So here they are! These are the photos I randomly took when I had the time to whip out the phone.

This was a scenic outlook spot at Benedictine College.

A river we crossed just before Nashville.

The Nashville sisters live on "Dominican Drive!"

Me with Sister John Thomas, O.P.

We toured the Grand Ole Opry, and this was the one (blurry) picture I took.

After the tour we took a riverboat cruise for lunch.

Walking onto the boat.

This picture is awfully blurry, but that's the inside of the riverboat.

After eating we went out on the deck. It was sprinkling a bit.

The sunset driving toward St. Louis.

And many photos of the St. Louis Arch!

This one is my favorite.

One the way to Lincoln we made Nun Run parodies of songs and had the School Sisters judge whose was the best (each car wrote one). We didn't win, but ours was still pretty good. It's a parody on "What Makes You Beautiful."

And I was the first in my family to see the new Newman Center church in Lincoln! A lady took us in for a peek while Mass was going on...we were in the choir loft and you can see the cantors singing the Offertory Hymn.

So yeah! That's the rest of the photos from my amazing trip!  

19 August 2015

The School Year...and some fun stuff.

Today, Mom and I went school shopping.You know what that means! Notebooks! Hooray!
*Ahem* Anyway, we also signed up for online classes today and are figuring out my schedule for the school year. This year I am doing:
-Algebra 2 (online with Kolbe Academy)
-Chemistry (online with Kolbe Academy)
-American History
-Latin American History (online with Homeschool Connections) (yes, both histories, because why not?)
-Church History for theology
-Russian Literature with Dad
-The usual piano, voice, maybe organ lessons
-Fiction Writing Critique Group with Prof. Conroy
-Concert Choir at the high school
...So yeah, a fairly easy year, considering. 
And speaking of Concert Choir, we had our retreat on Monday. (For choirs, "retreat" means you take a day to learn songs and do team building.) It was somewhat overwhelming and exhausting but very fun! I'm looking forward to that...except maybe the fact that I'm gonna have to actually get dressed every day. Like a normal, school-going person. Hmm...

10 August 2015

You know it's August when...

The school year is being planned, resulting in lists like this one:

You get mail like this:

Your desk drawers look like this:

Your room is feeling the effects of having four people sleep in it at once on several different occasions during the summer.

...But you're relishing the fact that you still have plenty of time to clean it!

You're reading the last few Agatha Christie books you can squeeze in before you have to begin on school reading. 

And you're trying to keep your music organized. 

Ahh, August. The pre-school-year month.

04 August 2015

Henebry Family Reunion

This past weekend the entirety of Dad's side of the family gathered at our house for a family reunion: the first one since 1999. A bunch of Gus's college friends also came. We had fun doing a zillion different activities, including taking young cousins to the Children's Museum, going swimming, doing crafts, taking pictures, and of course eating and drinking! Uncle Dave even brought family T-shirts for everyone.

It was amazing getting to see everyone after so long. I hadn't even met our littlest cousin, Aparcio, and he is five years old! He and his older sister Marisol are by far the two youngest of the family. Claudia, Isabel, Tessie, and I enjoyed getting to know them and playing with them.

On their last night we took them to the playground a few blocks away. Photo from Claudia.
It was also great to see Aunt Mary, whom I hadn't seen since I was seven, and cousins John Michael and Jacob. Mary and Jacob and his girlfriend came all the way from Alaska to spend time with us! 
I'm not used to seeing relatives, especially all at once, since we all live so far apart. The time we spent together was exhausting and a little overwhelming, but a lot of fun anyway. It was a great summer weekend.

everyone went out for lunch on Saturday
Claudia, Othman, and I were artistic at the Children's Museum!
Our time at the Children's Museum seemed to be dinosaur-themed...

03 August 2015

A Baby Grand Piano

...is now residing in our house! We bought it used from someone we know from church. It is the smallest baby grand you can have, but it makes an enormous difference when compared to an upright! The action is about 5000% better and the sound is nice and warm. It is taking a bit of getting used to, but after we tune it things will be considerably better. I'm so happy!

Thanks Mom and Dad!
Isn't it pretty?