25 August 2014

Writing Update

I  wasn't planning on blogging just now, but I got onto the computer and opened the Word document of my story, and realized I should! The occasion? I have now written 41,110 words. That's more than halfway to my goal of 80,00 words! I can't believe I've finally passed the halfway point! The funny thing is, I'm about halfway through the story, too. I accidentally planned it very well.
Also, I've been preparing for the school year. I got a new writing binder, and made a cover for it on a whim:

Oh, and remember Sebastian and Antonio? I'm closer to writing about them now, too. As soon as I finish my current book. I'm afraid if I start about my boys too soon I'll never finish about princess Helena. 
A bientot!

20 August 2014

Our Trip: Casablanca

After a hectic plane ride and a very long wait in the Passport Control line at one in the morning, we arrived at Othman's parents' house. When we got there, I was astonished at how many people had stayed up to greet us.It was so nice of them!
That night, Claudia's friend Allison and I went to sleep at Claudia and Othman's apartment. It is small, but very cute and colorful. By the time we got to bed it was nearing four in the morning. 
The next day was the Moroccan wedding, so there was lots of bustling around. My aunt and uncle and cousin and their German friend got there, so that added to the chaos. Finally, though, we all made it to the wedding in a school bus. 
For some reason I had not the presence of mind to bring my camera to the wedding, so I have to photos from that night. I hope to steal some from other people and post those. Basically, it was a very long and fancy ordeal. We got there around 6:30pm and left around 3am. Yeah. Anyway, it was really fun to have that time to talk to the relatives, etc. Good food, too. 
Brenna and Thomas

There were these two adorable little girls there, this is three-year-old Alyssa.

Uncle Dave and Aunt Sue

There was a lunch the day  after the wedding, and these were the place settings.

We had lamb.

And for dessert, a semi-circle of ice cream!

Allison and Uncle Dave took an "old fashioned" selfie with my camera...

...And then Alli and I did one.
The next day we went to see a huge mosque right by the water. It was built for the last king for his birthday.

It had a lovely view of the port.

The doors were enormous. 

We went to their beach house the next day, and it was gorgeous out. 

A completely unedited photo.

...And the day after that, someone came and did henna for us.

It's made out of a plant mixed with water. You let it dry on your skin and then rub it off, and the designs appear in orange and stay on for a few days.

There were flowers everywhere as we drove around.