24 May 2014

My Confirmation

Today, after a sleepover and shopping with some of my friendies, I went to my confirmation retreat! I'm being confirmed tomorrow morning, and I'm sooooo excited! The retreat consisted of Father walking us through the rite and Monsignor and Father both talking to us about the importance of confirmation. Then we had adoration, confession and Benediction. It was short and sweet, and I feel good about tomorrow. Having a quiet afternoon for prayer was nice to sort of calm down from life and really prepare for such a wonderful sacrament.
Hopefully I'll have pictures of tomorrow to post soon! We are also going to a friend's graduation open house, so I'll see if I can post pictures of that, too.
The other day I was comparing medieval knighthood to modern-day Christianity. I've read that it's good to view the world as a fairytale sometimes, in a sort of black-and-white image so you can fight evil. Knights have a code of honor; Christians have the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes, and all the Church teachings. Knights take vows of chivalry; being a Christian is a promise to follow God's Law. Knights fight for their lord; Christians fight for their Lord.
Soldiers of Christ.
In a very real way.

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