10 May 2014

Happy Birthday, Isabel!

May is a month of birthdays for my family!
Yesterday was Claudia's birthday, and today is Isabel's birthday. She is turning 19 years old!
Isabel is in college right now at University of St. Thomas, studying music education. She and I have lots of fun talking about piano and other musical things. She is a great big sister, even though there's quite a large gap between us--four years. It's been hard without Isabel home this school year. Whenever she comes for college break, she stays in my room, and even though she tends to make her possessions explode all over the floor, we have fun and make the most of our limited space.
With Isabel at college so close (only five hours away!) we are able to see her a lot more often than the other college kids. Almost every time she comes, we go shopping! Recently we went to St. Thomas to see a concert of hers, and she introduced us to almost all her friends. I don't remember which ones I met...it was basically saying "hi" and then saying "bye."
Have a great 19th birthday, Isa! We are looking forward to when you come for the summer!
Tessie, Isabel and me when we went to St. Thomas last week.

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