09 May 2014

Happy Birthday, Claudia!

Today is the 25th birthday of my eldest sister Claudia. She lives in Morocco, so sadly we can't see her today. But maybe we can Skype with her. In August we are going to Morocco to visit her! And I think she's coming here in July.
Claudia is an amazing big sister. She is the most like me of all my sisters, which means she understands me well. Whenever she comes, we have long talks about all sorts of things, and when she's not here, it's always fun to chat on G-mail with her. Almost half my life, Claudia has not lived here; she went to college, then went to Morocco to teach English. But she still makes sure to come back once in a while, lest we forget her existence. I think we've known people who jokingly refused to believe she was real because they never saw her! We still love you, Claud.
Enjoy your birthday, Claudia! I miss you tons, and am looking forward to when you come this summer!
Me, Claudia and Isabel at Claudia's bridal shower last summer.


  1. Yes, she was a misterys daughter for a while... :-)

  2. Mom do you mean mysterious?? Lol. Anyway Bia thanks for the post!! I'm only seeing it now but it made my heart feel all warm and gooey inside!! =D I love you and can't wait to see you this summer!! <3 <3


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