16 May 2014

Fun With Lettering

Recently Mom got me a lettering book, and I've been having lots of fun with it! I've always enjoyed lettering, I think because it combines words and art. I took the opportunity I had this May to try out some of the styles in the book on cards for people. (May is full of family celebrations, as you remember.) Here are the results!
(Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures; I wasn't using a very nice camera.)

Sadly, I couldn't save energy because I had to turn on the light to take the picture!

This is on my door. I went onto Pinterest to find quotes, mostly.

I need to work on attentiveness and patience!

French sounds much nicer. 

Here is the cover, and below are pages from the book.

My experimentation page.

I tried out some different styles for Mom's card...

And Dad's! I like how this lettering turned out.

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