24 April 2014


After eating lunch and while I'm waiting for science class to start, I thought I'd blog.
I finished my essay on the Inferno. 
And I'm writing a very fun scene in my book!

Now. Time for something interesting.
The weather has been warm! Well, not very warm, but warm enough for a South Dakotan in April. (As in, 65 degrees. Lucky we don't have snow.)
Last year we had a nasty ice storm in April. I think the city was clearing up tree branches from that up until September or something. It was disastrous. You should have seen the mountains of tree branches.
But this year, it's warm! How nice!
I may be speaking too soon, though.
There's a possibility of snow up until mid-May, or later.
I'll enjoy the weather now.
Summer is on its way!


  1. I thought your Inferno paper and the books scene were both more interesting than the weather!

  2. Well...I didn't have much to say about them, and I had a lot to say about the weather. So right then the weather was more interesting. :)


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