28 April 2014

My thoughts on yesterday.

Yesterday, we added two new saints to the (extensive) list of Exceptionally-Holy-Heaven-Dwellers! I just read in History about Pope John XXIII. Apparently a lot of Catholics were unimpressed at his optimistic attempt to address the social problems in a new way. The results of Vatican II weren't as wonderful as he expected, but surely it had its benefits. We now have Mass in the vernacular, something a lot of people don't realize wasn't always the case. Novus Ordo is pretty much taken for granted now. How far we have gone.

Yesterday was also Divine Mercy Sunday. My family and I said the Divine Mercy Novena. It's always rather unnerving to me that the souls God loathes most are the lukewarm ones. Makes me wonder what exactly is the definition lukewarm in relation to religion.
Well, if you are ever in need of new wonder at God's omnipotence, look down at your hands. Only someone infinitely wise could have created something so impressive.

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