17 April 2014

Holy Thursday

Here we are in the Holy Triduum. Holy Thursday.
In my opinion, Holy Thursday is the most beautiful Mass of the entire Church year. A Mass centered around God's great gift of Himself to us, all unworthy.
Think about it. God does the things He does for us for the sole reason that He loves us. Before He created the universe, He didn't need to create anything. He wanted to. He created us so that we would have the joy of being with Him in Heaven. He created the world around so that we would have the joy of earthly life.
He died to save us from our sins so that we can experience the bliss of His eternal presence in Heaven. God doesn't need us in Heaven. He wants us to be happy. He shares Heaven with us because He loves us. Because He loves us, more than we can ever know, He sent His only Son into our world. He took on the weak human form which He created, full of imperfections, but with the capacity to do great things. He didn't even announce His coming to the world. ("Hey, your Creator has become a creature for you, just FYI.") The Blessed Mother was the perfect human being. But Jesus is even more perfect. Why? Because He is not just human. He is, as He is completely and utterly human, completely and utterly God.
You're a God. Omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent. And because you love your creation so much, you decide to be like them. Limited. Flawed. Weak. It would be hard. And, on top of that, your creation doesn't believe you're its creator. Ouch.
Jesus was fully human in every way, except for sin. He was born of a perfect mother, and made her perfection even more perfect by crowning her, humble virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth.
In case that wasn't enough, God also decided to give us His very own Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity to consume. The very flesh of our Creator. We get to receive Him into our human bodies, our souls, so often that sometimes we don't realize how fantastic it is.
It's very fantastic.
Holy Thursday, the day we commemorate Jesus's giving of Himself in a physical way.
We thank you whole-heartedly, Lord.

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