02 April 2014

A Cool Thing from History Class

So in history class (which is taught by the author of our history book) we are learning about the First World War. We talked about Emperor Karl von Habsburg-Lotharingen, who is actually now a blessed on his way to sainthood! He was the ruler of the dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary--emperor of Austria, king of Hungary. He was the successor of Franz Josef, because the man who was supposed to be before him in line to the throne, his uncle Franz Ferdinand, was assassinated with his wife in Serbia. Due to an unequal marriage, Franz Ferdinand's children were excluded from the imperial line.
Karl von Habsburg-Lotharingen was the eagerest of the warring monarchs to begin peace negotiations All through the First World War. He accepted Pope Benedict XV's Seven Points for peace, while the other rulers rejected it.
Anyway, on to my point. Karl, while still archduke, was married to Zita, princess of Parma-Bourbon. The really cool thing is that we have footage of the royal wedding. So cool!
So you can pick him out in the video, here's a picture of him:
Look for him and Princess Zita--they come on screen toward the end of the clip.
Oh, and you can also find Emperor Franz Josef:

The video is around three and a half minutes long. I highly recommend watching it. I think it's so amazing that we can see footage from a wedding that took place more than one hundred years ago!

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