19 February 2014

Writing Class

     I take an online fiction writing class from Home School Connections. Actually, there six four-week-long classes, and I'm currently taking the fifth one of those. The first class was Characters and Dialogue. The second was Theme and Style. The third was Conflict and the fourth was Authoring a Book. The one I'm taking right now is Plot and Structure. These classes are all taught by Erin Brown Conroy. She is a wonderful teacher, and the classes are absolutely delightful. I have never been to such enthusiastic classes. Everyone there is invested and interested, and very excited about fiction writing! Some of the classmates have shared what kind of stories they're writing and they sound fantastic. The future of fiction literature is in good hands.
    I plan to finish my first novel sometime during the summer, but we'll see if that happens. During summer I will have loads more time to spend on writing, but it will definitely take me a while to finish revising and editing. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to try to get this first one published. It's more of a practice-run novel at the moment. If I'm really proud of it at the end I'll look into it.
     I'm not going to say much about the plot of my novel, because that is still subject to change. But I'd be happy to introduce some more of my characters, if there's an interest. I haven't fleshed them all out quite so well as I have done for Helena, but pressure to blog about them would be a good motivation for me to get that done. For me, characters make a book, so I'd hate to have weak characters.
     Well, this post kind of went all  over the place! I guess that's what happens when you type whatever comes to your mind. Ah, well,


  1. It's more like, what happens when you blog as you watch the figure skaters twirl around on the screen all the way from Russia?
    And about characters, you can very well have a weak one... A person of weak character can be a strong antagonist! Hehehe.

  2. I don't think that's what she means by weak/strong mom... strong = well thought out.

    Bia, Othman wants to know what kind of novel it'll be, and especially if there will be dragons! ;D

  3. Haha! I haven't really figured out which genre yet, because it's kind of a complicated story. But I'm writing it sort of fairytale-style. Sorry Othman, no mythical creatures. There are evil people, does that count as dragons? ;)

  4. It depends... Do those evil people fly and spit fire?? :p :p
    I just realized when Claudia showed me your blog the other day how good your writing is and the fact that you're writing a novel made me very curious!! :) Hope you'll keep us in the loop with the contents of it. We might even be able to give you a handfull help :)
    Keep it up!! :)

  5. Sadly, no, the evil people have no dragon-like physical properties. Thank you! If I have anything I could use your help for, I'll definitely ask. I haven't gotten too much writing done lately because of school, but I hope to write a lot during the summer.


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