07 February 2014


     I had my very first piano lesson when I was six years old. Since then I've been taking piano (somewhat) steadily for eight years. (Feels like longer than eight years.) Until recently I used the same forest-green music binder for that long. But I took nearly-detached front and back covers as a sign that I should upgrade. So my current music had a change of environment, probably for the better.
     Side Note: My most recent favorite of my current pieces is Felix Mendelssohn's Rondo Capriccioso. I've only learnt around two pages of it, but it's delightful. (What a name--Felix Mendelssohn.)
     Practicing piano is usually a positive experience for me. It relaxes me and puts me in a good mood. It empowers me...usually. Then there are the days that I just can't get it right, and I'm exasperated and leave the piano bench in a huff. It's frustrating sometimes: Hands alone. Metronome excruciatingly slow. You can't mess this up. And then somehow I manage to do it wrong. How? Who knows? So I try it again: Hands alone. Metronome even slower. You can do it...probably. Sometimes it works, and I play the measure correctly. Triumphant, I try it again. Not so great this time. Alright, back to hands alone. 
     Luckily for me, my piano teacher is one of the loveliest people I know.
     "Mrs. Gerdes, I didn't practice this one very much this week..."
     "Alright, work on it next week."
     My older sister is an amazing pianist, and she is in college for music education. I think she'll be a wonderful teacher. I would want her to direct my school choir. She and I sometimes talk about playing and learning piano music. I realized recently that I can no longer imagine not being able to sit down and play a song. I also realized that I subconsciously play melodies that are stuck in my head on my air piano (aka my lap). I wonder if that's normal...


  1. Love it B! Let's both join Isa's future choir at some point, ok? ;D
    I always enjoy your writing and am looking forward to many more posts! (Hopefully one explaining the blog name??)
    Love you!

  2. There isn't much to explain....soliloquy is my favourite word (and, I think, an appropriate name for a blog) and I love Earl Grey tea, and basically the phrase sounds cool! So yeah.....mostly phonetic reasons. :)

  3. what about me claudi!?!?!?!!?! :(


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