10 February 2014

Happy Birthday, Mom!

     Today is my darling mother's birthday. We didn't have much time to celebrate, because we had a quiz bowl in which I competed (my team got 4th), my sister timed, and both my parents read. (Needless to say, we really like quiz bowls.) One of the moms there brought mom a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. If you're wondering what a quiz bowl is, you're not alone. But I'll explain that in a later post. Back to my mom.
     Ana Braga-Henebry is without a doubt one of the dearest souls on the earth. She has raised her children with inimitable love and care, and I think we turned out well for it. My mother has made me who I am. She understands my struggles and knows exactly how to show me she cares. She also instilled in me a good work ethic...I'm grumpiest when I know I'm not doing work that I know needs to be done. (I think this guilt strategy has helped me be the good student I am.)
     And so, Mom, I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and that you thoroughly enjoy the rest of your life. I know this miserable winter is hard for your Brazilian self. I'm completely with you there. All I can say is, not long now! Only around two more months of winter!
     I love you, Mom.


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  1. I'm speechless. And this is of course, undeserved. Love you, my daughter!


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