14 February 2014


     Now, no one likes to be interrogated. Of course not. And there are always some things that people just want to keep to themselves. There are some questions that don't need answers, and some that don't deserve answers. Some questions are easy to ask, but excruciating to answer. Here is my list of the worst questions to answer:

     "Are you okay?"
     Chances are that if you have any reason to ask, the answer is no.
     "What are you thinking about?"
     If I wanted you to know, I would say it out loud.

     "Well, what do you think?"
     Usually when people ask this it's because they are doubting themselves. And how do you tell them they have reason to doubt? It's precarious ground.

     "What was going through your mind when...?"
     How am I supposed to remember?

     "What is it about?"
     Just read it. Or read the back cover. Or something.

     "How do you play?"
     They put sheets of instructions in the box for a reason.

     Yep, that's about it. The very worst questions to be asked. Spare us, interrogators! If it hasn't been said already, it's probably not going to be said. Just saying...


  1. Sounds like you are getting annoyed by the Sochi Olympics questions to the athletes from the tv people!


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