15 February 2014

An Introduction

     To combat the somewhat chilly mood of yesterday's post, I've decided to do something fabulous.

     Do you know what it is yet?

     Okay, fine. I'll tell you. I'm going to introduce you to one of my characters!
     (Just...don't tell her she's not real. You don't want her getting angry at you. Believe me.)

     Meet Helena! Sadly, I don't have a picture of her. My artist sister has yet to finish her portrait. (Hint hint!) But anyway, I'll describe her to you.
     Helena Zara Carina d'Anovage is the princess of Samedia. (Samedia is her native country. If you tell her it isn't real she'll really explode at you. She's kind of a nationalist. Anyway.) She is seventeen years old, and has a mind of her own. She has a loving old father, King Melius, and an intelligent brother, Prince Gregory, who's known for his military skill (even though he'd much rather teach a boy Latin than fence with him).
     Helena is average height, but sometimes seems tall because she always stands up straight and holds her head high. She has very long, curly dark hair that is near impossible to brush out. Her eyes are goldish-green, and she likes to stare at people to make them uncomfortable. She wears a lot of blue and purple.
     Helena's very favorite thing to do is read. She reads anything, though she loves novels best. She also loves horseback riding, archery, singing, and playing piano. (She hates needlework but does it anyway, because that's what princesses are expected to do.)
     She also enjoys talking. She will talk to anybody and everybody. And she doesn't mind insulting them. But if they insult her she gets very angry. (She has quite a temper.) She is a master of wit and has a quick mind, and loves confusing people who are not as smart as she.

     That, I think, will do for now. You have met the main character of my story-in-progress. She has quite a life ahead of her! I wonder how she'll respond to all the surprises she'll get...?


  1. Hi, Helena! Welcome to America! :D

  2. When do I enter the story with a pair of scissors? Helena (loooove the name!) needs a haircut!


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