11 March 2017

Weekly Prompt Writing

I had just finished washing my face when I heard a gasp in the next room. There was a door adjoining the two rooms, so I put my ear to the keyhole and listened.

There were footsteps, like someone pacing. “Who are you?” my sister’s voice said.

“That is irrelevant,” said a man’s voice.

“Why are you in my room?”

There was a pause. “Are you Katrina Greene?”

“That is irrelevant,” she said, mimicking her adversary’s tone.

“I come to kill you.”

“Really?” Katrina asked, not missing a beat. “Then we have a problem.”


“Because I don’t come to die.”

I heard something drop and wondered if she had thrown her knife. I told myself that I should’ve barged in to save her a while ago. But part of me recoiled.

So this was it. I really was a coward. Just like she always told me.

Just then I heard her scream. Without thinking, I rammed myself into the door and tumbled into her room. The stranger was holding her wrists, trying to wrench a dagger away from her hand. She was kicking him.

“Hey!” I said. “Don’t you touch my sister.”

It was then that I realized I didn’t have a weapon. The man changed paths and assailed me, and I curled up in self-defense, cursing my stupidity.

A blade appeared right under my nose. But before it could harm me, another blade sliced through the man’s arm and removed his hand. Blood spurted everywhere as the man screamed and tried to nurse his wound. Katrina jumped on him and pinned him down.

“You mess with one of us, you mess with both of us,” she said. “We’re twins. We come as a package.”

She lifted her head and yelled for Rhynd and Lam to come tie the man up.

“Thanks for your help,” she said to me. “Even if you are incredibly stupid.”
I rubbed my eyes. “Anytime. But I’ll leave the acts of bravery to you in the future.”

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