04 March 2017

Weekly Prompt Writing

We came to a run-down tavern. “We’ll stop here for the night,” The Elder said.

I glanced at Katrina. “This doesn’t look like a suitable place for girls.”

Katrina rolled her eyes at me. “Don’t worry about me.” She tore Lam’s jacket from his hand and shrugged it on. She braided her hair and put on a pair of spectacles she had picked up from who knows where. “See?”

“Sorry to say, Miss Katrina,” Rhynd said, scratching his head, “but you still look definitely like a girl.”

She glanced down at herself. “You’re right. Lend me your trousers.”

“My what?”

“I noticed you had an extra pair. Give them to me.”

Instead of waiting for Rhynd to comply, she slipped the trousers from his bag and pulled them on over her dress. They were far too loose, which made them hide her skirt well. She tied a rope around her waist to make them stay up. She put up the hood of Lam’s jacket and paced. “How about now?” she asked in a deep voice.

The Elder shrugged. “Probably good enough. This early in the morning no one will notice much.”

Katrina smirked at me as we entered the tavern. “They should’ve recruited me for the quest instead of you.”

“What good fortune we just happened to find you in the catacombs after you'd been missing for two years, then,” I said through my teeth.

We arrived at the tavern and ordered three rooms: one for The Elder, one for Lam, Rhynd, and me, and one for Katrina.

“Nice being a girl sometimes,” she said when we received keys the tavern-keeper. “Have fun sharing a room, little brother.” She swept past me.

“We’re twins, you know,” I called after her. “That means we’re the same age.”


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