11 August 2016

South Dakota Honor Choir

After one night in my bed at home after returning from California, I repacked my bags and set off for South Dakota Honor Choir. It was a good week, even though the food was awful and the activities weren't much fun. The focus was the music, and the music was magical. I really liked our director. He liked to make us conduct ourselves, which allowed for a nice freedom when singing.
Our song selection was very good, on the whole. My three favorites were "Invictus" (English), "Vita de la Mia Vita" (Italian), and "Umi Sono Ai" (Japanese). It was a really good experience, and I'm glad I was able to do it before graduating. Once we get the CD I'll put our concert up here. The next upcoming audition is for National Honor Choir in September!
The first day without tea was rough. Thankfully we found some the next day.

Mrs. Perry made SDSU-colored binders for each of us.

The alto section! We were obviously the best.

With Aine, my riser buddy. We had fun jamming out to the classical songs.
With our director, Mr. Stenson.

The BHS contingent: 13 of us went to Honor Choir.
With Nicole and Aunt Nancy, from Mom's FB 

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