28 May 2016

Weekly Prompt Writing

From tonight's meeting:

In the distance I heard a clock chime yet again. Going on fourteen hours. Fourteen hours of darkness. Fourteen hours of sitting, listening, waiting. What was I waiting for?
Don't say it, I told myself.
Too late.
I was waiting for someone to rescue me.
Silly me, that only happened in fairy tales. Who could possibly know where I was? And besides, it had been fourteen hours. If anyone was going to rescue me, they would've done it by now.
I tried for the thousandth time to stretch my back out of its crooked position, but the effort only made my muscles tighter. My hands clenched into fists as I fought to keep the first tears from escaping my eyes.
And then something brushed against my fist. I jumped. Still complete silence. 
A hand closed over mine and I would have screamed, had I not been gagged. It turned out more as a choking, wheezing noise.
"Shut up!" whispered a voice so close to my ear it tickled. I could feel someone's hot breath on the side of my head. But it was still pitch-dark. 
And then I was blinded. I cowered from the light, but it moved so it was shining at my bound feet. 
"Sorry, my bad," said the voice. A pair of hands began untying my bonds, but I still could not see the face behind the light. 
I closed my eyes and felt the hands loosen my bonds, working their way up until the pressure released from my jaw and I no longer tasted dusty cloth in my mouth. I was about to stand up and bolt, but the hand took mine again and the light disclosed a face.
The face of my brother.
"Shall we go home?" he asked.
I nodded and followed him out of the darkness. 

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