14 May 2016

Weekly Prompt Writing

The muffled bass line of "Brown-Eyed Girl" was echoing off the cinder-block walls, along with the sounds of people shouting, singing, dancing, and laughing. Regan glanced down at her shoes and chuckled to herself. She should've known he wouldn't show up. He never remembered things until it was too late. Sometimes she had to remind him of his own dentist appointments and family birthday parties. 
So she wasn't upset at him. 
The song changed to a slow waltz and the noise died down to a low hum. She could go back in there, but it was so cool and quiet here, despite the unnerving dankness of the basement stairs and that nearby dripping noise. 
If only Gianna were here. It was taking longer than Regan had anticipated to get used to life without her best friend. She was already counting the days until she flew out to Montana for a visit over Christmas break. It would mean missing a couple of dance classes, but it was worth it.
Suddenly the noise multiplied and a sweaty smell reached Regan's nostrils. She looked over her shoulder to see Asher standing in the doorway. 
"Sorry I'm, like, an hour late," he said. "I had to wait until Esther came home to use the car."
Regan stood up and arched her back so it cracked. "I didn't think you were coming at all." 
"Are you kidding? I'd never miss a dance." He held out a hand. "You look like you could use a good foxtrot."
She smiled and they re-entered the crowded gym. 

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