21 May 2016

Weekly Prompt Writing

From tonight's meeting.

Sebastian walked into the den to see the TV screen displaying a shot of...wait, what?
"Uh, Tony, what is that?"
Antonio looked up from the couch, on which he was lounging, the TV remote in one hand and a bowl of chips in the other. "Oh, just my project for literature. Nathan and I are making a retelling of Hamlet with Legos."
"And which scene is this?" Sebastian asked, eyeing the paused shot of a Lego robot holding a teddy-bear and staring into the water at a reflection of a human.
"It's the 'to be or not to be' monologue, obviously," Antonio said, tossing a chip in the direction Sebastian's face. "He's looking into the water, contemplating drowning himself. He sees his reflection as the man he hopes to be...or maybe the ghost of his father."
Sebastian dropped into the couch beside his cousin. "Wow, that's strangely profound." In his head he added, why the teddy bear?
This time Antonio handed him a chip. "Thanks. I thought up the frames and Nathan put together the stop-motion." He clicked play on the remote and they watched the Lego mime a stirring speech. "We'll have to talk over it," Antonio explained. "We don't have the equipment to add voice-overs."
The reel ended. Sebastian grabbed a handful of chips from the bowl and trotted upstairs to escape his cousin's geeky weirdness.

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