23 January 2016

Weekly Prompt Writing

     Blaise stumbled over the wet leaves. He couldn't see a thing. He tripped and nearly fell over something. The something moaned. He paused, turned on his heel, and knelt down. "Charlotte?" he whispered.
     Another moan.
     He put his hands in front of him and felt around. A hand grabbed his wrist and thrust something into his palm. It was a candle stub. How did she...? It didn't matter. He lit the candle with a match from his pocket.
     Now there was a small circle of light and he could see her pale face. Her dress was ragged and she was lying on the wet leaves, looking dazed. He followed her eyes down to her open hand, on on which lay a key that glinted in the light.
     "I got it," said her weak voice, and a ghostly smile parted her lips.

[This one is actually from a Skype meeting a while ago. I didn't have time to do freewriting this week because of the trip.]

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