17 January 2016

Weekly Prompt Writing

I thought of an interesting project. Lately I've been doing freewriting from prompts to relieve the monotony of editing a novel. On the weeks that I don't attend our writer's group's Skype meeting (in which we write from prompts), I do some by myself. I had the idea to post one of these freewriting ventures each week. I think it would help me learn to quickly polish up a bit of writing. Don't worry, there's always short.
So, here's the one for this week. I wrote it at our meeting on Friday night.

     Claire blinked. "What do you mean 'you accidentally pick pocketed the president of the United States?'" Sighing, she took off her cat-eye sunglasses and rubbed her temples. 
     Stephan scratched the back of his neck. "It's easier than you'd think. I'm a pretty good pickpocket, you know—"
     "Yes, I know. You say that at least once a day."
     "And once you get going, it's hard to stop. So you find yourself in the presence of the president, and self-control flies out the window. I mean, look at the size of this wallet!" He whipped a bulging leather wallet out of his trench-coat pocket, opened it, and began flipping through the bills with relish.
     Claire folded her arms. "Really? Here? Let's at least go to a secure place." She grabbed his wrist and dragged him into the nearest family bathroom. "Alright, let's inspect the spoils." 
     Stephan dumped the contents of the wallet on the baby changing table and they pawed through it. Claire read each piece of paper, mumbling, until she made a noise of triumph. "This is it, Stephan.       We've got it. The president had it. Wow, if you hadn't—"
     "If I hadn't pickpocketed him with my immense skills..."
     "Then we would still be looking for it!"

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