16 January 2016

Two Analogies

For some reason this past week I've been thinking up analogies.

The first one:
You know when your glasses have a smudge on them, so you take them off to clean them, and realize they were actually super dirty but you couldn't tell because the dirt was so close to your face? And then once you take them off and hold them to the light you are amazed you could even see through them. Think about that in relation to life. We live our own life, and sometimes we are so immersed in the day-to-day that we forget to step back and look at the big picture. And sometimes when we do look at the big picture, the result is not flattering. Our problems are so close to us, we don't recognize them as problems. We need to remember to 'take our glasses off' once in a while, and reevaluate.
The second one:
God gives us our vocation because He knows the best way for us to get to Heaven. It's like He is inviting us over, and sends us a set of directions. If we ignore the directions, we still have a chance of getting there. It just might take longer. And sometimes, if we take a detour, we can get lost. But if we just use the directions He gives us, everything works out much better, with less stress and more joy. So with our vocation. It's not that this is the only way to get to Heaven, it's that it's the way best suited to us, as individual souls. God knows exactly where we are and sends us each a unique set of directions.

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