20 February 2016

Weekly Prompt Writing

When I woke up, the airport gate was still deserted, with the exception of an old man sitting across from me. I yawned and sat up, checking the time on my phone.
"Where are you headed, son?" said the old man, regarding me with benevolence.
I scratched my head. "Same place as you, I guess. New York. And then from there to Austria."
"Austria?" The man crossed one leg over his knee. "Why are you going to Austria?"
My first impulse was to shrug. "Well, my girlfriend is there, studying abroad," I explained, "and I—I want to ask her to marry me." My hand felt for the little box in my pocket.
My companion was wiping his glasses on his button-down. "She must be very special, for you to travel all the way to Austria to propose."
I smiled to myself. "She's not perfect, but I love her."
My phone lit up. It was a text from her: Hey babe, miss you. You'd love it here. <3
I'm sure I will, I texted back. Then I settled down for another few hours of waiting.


  1. Have I mentioned how much I love these? Well I do! Keep posting them! It's a nice glimpse into how and who you are as a writer =]

  2. Glad you enjoy them! It's good exercise for me to do little things like this to break the monotony of editing. :)


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