16 February 2016

Lent, and other things of interest

Lent is upon us! It started off with Mom's birthday. We had cake the night before.

On Ash Wednesday we went to 7am Mass, so Tessie was sporting an ashen forehead at school all day.

Did I mention it's been snowing almost every day since February began?
Later that day we went to an interesting lecture about J.R.R. Tokien and the middle ages "theory of courage" and comitates oath. I don't have any pictures, but the room was packed.

Patrick came for a visit on the long weekend, and he met up with us at a choir concert of Thomas's.

We had fun with Patrick (when we weren't at birthday parties!), and after Mass on Sunday we went to the coffee shop. There we found dad in the college newspaper.

Also, mom and I made Valentine cookies for Thomas's geography club fundraiser.

It's been a fun Lent so far! 

[All photos stolen from Mom's Facebook]

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