08 November 2015

Beautiful Things

First of all, I found out ten minutes ago that I got 100% on my most recent math test. That's my first 100 in math since I started high school!
An old family friend stopped by on her way to North Dakota and spent the night with us. It was a fun, short visit!

Kind of an awkward picture but you get the point!
We went for coffee after Mass this morning.

On Friday we went to Sioux Falls to see my friend's Schola Cantorum (of the Cathedral) perform a Requiem Mass by Cristobal de Morales. (What a name, right?) It was absolutely gorgeous. In each part the soprano voice would open with one line of the chant from the Requiem Mass, then sing the chant melody very slowly while the lower voices filled in the overlapping harmonies.
A lot of us friends met up at the concert.
The program.

The last piece of news is that I made it into North Central Regional Honor Choir! I'm overjoyed and excited to have such an experience. Shoutout to my voice teacher for helping me audition!

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