30 October 2015

the end of October

I've been in a whirl preparing for NaNoWriMo...character profiles, floor plans, plot outlines (which have gone through several versions by now), experimenting with point of view, structure, and opening lines. And November is fast approaching! I'm very excited and a little bit apprehensive, which I guess is good for novel writing. The support of my writing group is essential.
Since I know someone will ask, I'll put up the little blurb I have on the NaNoWriMo website:
Our Halcyon Days [Yes, it even has a title!]
Sebastian and his cousin Antonio live in the nicest house in a college town rental neighborhood. They lead an eccentric and unpredictable life, whose pitch only increases when an intriguing girl and her family move in next door, Antonio discovers a secret his parents have been keeping from him, and a girl from school disappears. Could it all be related?
In other news, Isabel came for a visit last weekend, yay! 

While she was here we carved pumpkins.
 I submitted my entries for two essay contests this past week. Also I submitted my application to the Thomas Aquinas College summer program...yikes I'm so old!

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  1. Bia you're soooooooooooooooo oldddddddddddd. Old old oldie.


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