05 December 2016

Christmassy Weekend

We were busy and festive this weekend!
It started with the homeschool group's annual mother-daughter Christmas Craft Afternoon, at the Scotts' house. This is always a super fun and artsy way to begin gathering Christmas gifts and decorating the house. We drank tea and hot chocolate, ate cookies, and crafted to our hearts' content! It was really nice to see some of the SMF aunties that I hadn't seen since school started!

The annual couch picture--it keeps getting smaller! Photo from Mama Scott.

Their Christmas tree is always gorgeous!
I spent the night with Nicole, and the next morning I sang with her in the Cathedral choir, which was a great experience. It was lovely to be back in the Cathedral, and singing from the choir loft!
After Mass we climbed in the car and drove to Minneapolis, MN, for Isabel's choir concert. It was a big-deal concert--Isabel's last--and took place in the Orchestra Hall. We got a nice hotel, had dinner with Isabel and Matt, and went to the concert. It was a wonderful dose of Christmas music!

The morning sky from our hotel room.

We were on the 10th floor and had a lovely lighted courtyard below us.
It was a fun, friend-filled, musical, and Christmassy weekend! Only three weeks until Christmas!

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